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Our external automatic tuning/matching (eATM) ROBOT system is a modular system that comprises an eATM ROBOT plus an eATM control unit (and software). Upon your request, we will customise your setup to meet exactly your needs! Please browse the details given below and do not hesitate to contact us.



  • Attachment to tuning/matching rods of the probe
  • Suitable for static and/or MAS probes (NMR Service GmbH, Bruker, and Doty; Varian and others on request)
  • Stand for the magnet will be fitted to customer's requirements
  • Option: automatic tuning/matching for second channel, e.g. 1H-X

eATM control unit

  • Enables automatic tuning/matching for eATM ROBOT and probes by NMR Service GmbH
  • Total frequency range: 30 – 900 MHz
  • Usable frequency range depends on probe and spectrometer
  • Interface to Bruker or Tecmag consoles
  • Interface to host computer with ATM software

ATM software

  • To control tuning/matching in manual or automatic mode
  • Compatible with Bruker and Tecmag spectrometers
  • Other spectrometers to be discussed
  • Setup for probes selection if various probes are used/controlled by the system
  • Automatic re-calibration of resonance circuit for pre-set carrier frequencies (a) on-the-fly, e.g. during frequency step/sweep experiments (also know as spin-echo mapping or variable offset cumulative spectra (VOCS) approaches) or re-calibration during VT NMR experiments, (b) up to four pre-set frequencies, which can be different nuclei; i.e. frequency ranges can be far off, and (c) tuning by list; i.e. create a list of numerous frequencies (high/low frequencies do not matter) to screen over large frequency ranges

Further readings / applications



One of many innovative approaches conducted by Michael Hope (Cambridge, UK): a standard MAS NMR probe equipped with an eATM ROBOT to enable automated frequency sweep NQR experiments.