MAS controller

NMR Service GmbH offers a high-quality, home-built magic angle spinning (MAS) speed controller, which is compatible with nearly every probehead. Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional details.

Technical data

  • Settability with ±1 Hz precision
  • Controls MAS speeds of up to 100 kHz
  • Manual and automatic start/stop
  • Frame cooling air, insert and ejection air
  • 0 - 6 bar drive and bearing air regulation
  • Microcontroller-based TTL and analogue monitoring output
  • Provides +5 V / -5 V output for spinning speed detection
  • Requires min. 50 mV peak-to-peak tach signal
  • Requires min. 5 bar main pressure input (dry air or nitrogen gas)
  • Up to 24 setups for different rotor types


  • USB connection to the PC
  • Programming interface (basic microcontroller knowledge required)