NMR Service GmbH provides a huge range of probeheads, spectrometers, and accessories for solid-state NMR and MRI, as well as liquid-state NMR. Furthermore, we offer various equipment to enable in situ NMR/MRI experiments. Please find some of our products, suitable options, and full setup opportunities summarised below. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further details.


NMR probeheads

H-X CP MAS or X-X MAS probeheads

  • Single and double resonance MAS and static probes
  • Enable high resolution solid-state NMR spectroscopy
  • Option: eATM ROBOT system
  • Option: fibre glass optics to enable LED light to shine on the sample

Eagle probehead

  • 4 mm CP/MAS probehead
  • Available for widebore magnets (200 to 600 MHz)
  • Option: eATM ROBOT system

Custom-made static, LT, and HT probeheads



NMR and MRI consoles

Tecmag Redstone console (solid-state NMR)

  • 1 to 128 RF channel mW console
  • Each RF transmitter configurable to cover 2 kHz to 3.5 GHz
  • Compatible with existing RF amplifiers
  • Option: linear class AB RF amplifiers by Tecmag
  • Numerous other options are available

Tecmag Redstone console (liquid-state NMR)

  • Basic double-resonance liquid-state console
  • Allows broadband and inverse detection with shaped RF pulses
  • Up to 128 RF channels
  • 300 W X-channel and 50 W 1H/19F transmitters
  • One digital receiver, RF probe interface, DSP-based RTS power supply
  • Digital air control and a digital lock system
  • Options: VT unit, gradient control system, and multiple receivers

Tecmag Redstone console (MRI)

  • Digital MRI console configurable with up to 128 RF transmitters
  • High power linear RF amplifiers
  • Up to 512 digital receivers
  • Low noise figure preamplifiers
  • Digital B0 compensation and low noise floor gradient amplifiers

Tecmag Discovery 3 console (NMR and MRI)

  • 1 to 128 RF channel solid-state NMR console
  • 1 kW X-channel transmitters, 500 W 1H/19F transmitters
  • Solids probe interface
  • Room temperature shim power supply
  • Options: MAS controller, VT unit, gradient control system
  • Options: multiple receivers, digital lock system
  • Option: optional gradient control system to enable MRI experiments

Tecmag Scout console (NMR and MRI)

  • Ultra-compact (portable!), expandable, cluster-based spectrometer
  • With DC to 300 MHz frequency range
  • Option: optional gradient control system to enable MRI experiments

Tecmag LapNMR portable console

  • Portable single transmitter, single receiver NMR/NQR spectrometer
  • With 2 kHz to 125 MHz frequency range
  • Available with and without a battery