Tecmag support

NMR Service GmbH is the official sales and service partner of Tecmag Inc. Houston, TX, US). Tecmag Inc. manufactures NMR, NQR, and MRI consoles as well as solid-state NMR probeheads and offers spectrometer upgrades. NMR Service GmbH offers full support in planning, purchase, and installation of your new Tecmag products. Furthermore, NMR Service GmbH offers manifold customised accessories and probeheads for your new system.


If you have questions rearding your Tecmag product, please do not hesitate to contact us. If we cannot help you, please contact the Tecmag support directly: support@tecmag.com



Some additional help and guidance can already be found here:

Tecmag "How To" tutorials

Tecmag TNMR software download

  • For Windows 7/8 Pro computers
  • For updating Tecmag USB 2.0 interfaced systems

Tecmag NTNMR software downloads

  • For Windows XP Pro 32-bit computers
  • For Updating NTNMR V#1.4 to V#2.4